“Usually I don't listen to what's being said because lyrics often 'date' music. I prefer to just hear the voice as a melody. But I'm mesmerised by your voice & so the words take on meaning for me... Joni Mitchell had the same effect when Hejira came out... ”

"The last time a female vocalist smacked me this hard on first listen, her name was Baez, and it was back in the early sixties."

"Rose Robbins deserves star status, and I intend to beat the drums on her behalf until she gets it. She should be onstage at next year's Grammys."

"When Rose Robbins walked out on the stage and sat down at the piano, the audience could be forgiven for wondering, just for a moment, what kind of music this slender, delicate-looking woman could produce? Then she began to sing and play with such maturity...and in a voice so stunningly rich and deep that I, for one, was quickly transported far away...."

"Some performers go a lifetime without producing a recording comparable to Close Your Eyes. Rose Robbins starts at the top, and the only way she can go is up."

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